upright bass with frets

Binder Upright Fretted Bass

The Upright Bass you already know how to play

Calling all Bass Players. The new Binder Bass (patent pending) is an Upright Bass designed specially for guitar bass players. Play our Fretted upright bass and get the mellow tonal quality and full rich harmonics of a real upright bass

  Our Acoustic Electric Upright Bass is a game changer.

If you play a bass guitar and want to change your sound and dynamic range, this is the Bass you have been looking for.

The Binder Bass (patent pending) was designed with the electric bass guitarist in mind. We've put our bass in the hands of a number of Bass players who never really spent serious time trying to play an upright before. The transition is very fast. From what we've seen, the hardest thing for electric guitar players to adapt to was the the plucking of the strings with the right hand since an upright bass can be very expressive in the way you work the strings both in tone and in volume. After 5 or 10 minutes of playing, it's really no longer a problem.

So what makes our bass so different? Well of course there is the obvious. Our neck is fretted just like an electric guitar. This is such a revolutionary idea for the upright bass that we are "patent pending" with it. But the changes we've made doesn't stop there.

The 1/2 bass that we use is made to our specifications. The top of our bass is made from spruce which gives the bass a nicer sound. The neck we have chosen is thinner than any other 1/2 bass we have played which makes it easier for the electric guitarist to adapt. The biggest change that we have made to the Binder Bass is what I like to refer to as our "secret sauce". It's the change that really opens the door to electric guitar players. We have re-scaled our bass so that we could tighten up the space between frets making the spacing very similar to an electric bass guitar.

All these changes make for a great acoustic upright bass. But we don't stop there. Our bass is acoustic/electric. This is no "add on" modification that you see on all other upright acoustic basses. It's built right into the bass and is really only visible from the rear of the bass with a discrete input jack on the side of the bass.

In keeping with breaking the rules, our pickup is a lot different from anything that's out there. We use a powerful magnetic transducer which reproduces the internal sound of the bass right at its "sweet spot". Plug it in and set your controls at your amp to neutral and the volume down low and you'll begin to hear a faithful reproduction of what you hear acoustically. It will fill your sound in beautifully.

That's most of it in a nutshell. Our bass is a game changer. Whether you are playing for the fun of it or gigging on a regular basis, you are going to like our bass. Wouldn't it be nice that when the band does an acoustic set, you would actually be acoustic. For rock, rockabilly, gospel, and folk, this is your bass. The bass with a new face.

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